Entrepreneurs smile and wave

entrepreneurs smile

No matter what happens along the way, remember this:

Smile and wave.

An entrepreneur has a small circle of trust. Within that circle he can share his trials and tribulations.

He can share his setbacks and weaknesses.

He can be vulnerable.

Outside that circle an entrepreneur must always have his game face.

Putting on a smile and waving to the crowds has the following benefits:

  1. It gives confidence to your staff and partners. No one would have followed William Wallace against the English if he showed his doubts openly. Save your doubts and your pain for your circle of trust.
  2. It makes you feel better. If you act happy, you start to feel happy. Try it.
  3. It irritates your adversaries. When someone tries to take you out, nothing irritates him more than you looking unfazed. Don’t  your enemies know they affect you.

No matter how bad your day, no matter how painful or embarrassing something is, no matter what happens along the way, remember:

Smile and wave.

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