Entrepreneurs remember Rule No 1 of high school

entrepreneur high

If you attend university, you enter the real world thinking knowledge gets you everywhere. The more you know about a subject, the further you will progress in your career, and the more you money you’ll make.


Real life is more like high school than university. Its a popularity contest.

The real world is all about selling. Selling yourself in job interviews, to a potential spouse, to the bank manager, to clients, to your boss, to the principal of your kid’s school, to everyone.

Selling is about relationships. Are you a dick? If you’re a dick, it doesn’t matter how much you know about molecular biology, no colleague will take you under his wing, no one will want to marry you,

Life is not about how much you know. Its about not being a dick.

No one wants to go back to high school, but don’t forget the most important lesson it gave you.

Popularity gets you everywhere.

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