Entrepreneurs pray

entrepreneur pray

The habit of praying is good for you, regardless of whether you believe in God.

Prayer achieves the following:

  1. Gratitude

You say thank you for all the good things you have. Being grateful makes you happier. Entrepreneurs are happy.

  1. Help others

You pray for your loved ones. The exercise of thinking of others promotes unselfishness, and triggers your mind to think of ways to help others. If you help others, they’ll help you. Entrepreneurs help others.

  1. Visualisation

Everyone prays for help. “Please God let me pass my exam.” “Please God let me get the deal.” “Please God let that girl fall for me.”.

Whatever. All of us want something, and when the chips are down, we close our eyes and pray for it.

The act of praying for what you want forces you to visualize your goal and unconsciously think of the steps required to achieve it.

In other words, praying makes you conscious of what you need, and how to get it.

Pray. What do have to lose?

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