Entrepreneurs make time

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Sometimes it seems you simply can’t get to everything. There just are not enough hours in the day, not enough days in the week, not enough months in the year.

You find yourself whining about how busy you are.


There’s no point complaining. No one said starting a company would be easy.

Suck it up and use the following techniques to make time:

  1. Find partners

All entrepreneurs need partners they can trust. Someone that can cover your back, who can run the show when you take holiday or have an emergency medical procedure, that can share the load of making sure there is cash in the bank for salaries.

  1. Hire staff

Sometimes you just have to hire people. Overheads and admin aside, staff free you up from repeatable mundane tasks so you can focus on the important stuff, ie: selling.

  1. Wake up early

If there aren’t enough waking hours, wake up earlier. The easiest way to wake up early is to go to bed early.

  1. Balance private and professional life

When things get hectic at work, the first thing to be sacrificed is physical exercise. The next sacrifice is time with your family. An entrepreneur needs to be healthy, and needs to have a happy home. There is always enough time to look after your body and mind, and to ensure your marriage is solid and your kids see you enough.

Stop complaining about how little time you have. Make it look easy.

Entrepreneurs make time.

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