Entrepreneurs make their bed in the morning

entrepreneur bed

Making your bed in the morning seems stupid. Someone else will do it for you, you’re way too important for such mundane tasks.

Someone has to bring home the bacon! How do you make the bacon and make the bed?

Stop. When you get up in the morning, raring to go, pause and make your bed.

Firstly, its a simple and effective trick for feeling like you’ve achieved something for the day. Bed made? Tick. Next. You can get your daily task-ball rolling with something simple. Start every day with the momentum of knowing you’ve accomplished one thing already.

Secondly, its an exercise in doing a job properly. Anyone can throw the duvet over the sheets and walk out the door. It takes an extra 90seconds to straighten the sheets, puff the pillows, and square off the corners. Get into the habit of making your bed properly and you’ll find yourself doing your job properly.

Thirdly, it keeps you real. You want to be anti-fragile in life. Resilient. Self-sufficient. If you don’t know how to make a bed, you’re fragile. Success can suck you away from the basics. Consciously go back to basics.

Light your fire without blitz. Chop your own wood. Book your own flights.

Make your bed.

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