Entrepreneurs look after their financial health

entrepreneur daily rituals

James Altucher is always writing and speaking about how success is correlated to a daily ritual that includes each of the following exercises:

  1. Physical – Exercise. Stay in shape, be fit, be strong.
  2. Emotional – Never spend time with people that suck your energy. Never do anything that drains your energy.
  3. Mental – Think of 20 new ideas every day. Read books. Do crossword puzzles. Keep your brain sharp.
  4. Spiritual – Pray, meditate, be grateful, study spiritual texts. You don’t need to be religious to be spiritual. Calm your mind, be reflective.

Add one extra: Look after your financial health.

Chasing the first four areas will probably result in financial health anyway, but why take a chance?

Take responsibility for your personal finances. Stay out of debt. Diversify your assets. Live a frugal life.

You can’t take risk if you’re worried about money.

You can’t be an entrepreneur if you can’t take risk.

Entrepreneurs look after their financial health.