Entrepreneurs listen to the farmer

entrepreneur chick

Farmers know you should always put a red light in the chicken coop.

But what do farmers know… I recently put our baby chickens in a coop with a white light. One morning I awoke up to find one of the chicks dead.

It seemed to have been pecked to death. Savage chickens.

So I googled “how to keep baby chickens alive”.

Turns out that if a chick has a spot of blood on her body the other chickens will peck it, and not stop pecking until the chick is dead.

Chicken cannibalism. Who knew?

If you have a red light in your coop then the blood doesn’t show up, and the chicks don’t kill each other.

Some rules in business don’t seem to make sense so we ignore them. Eg: Never go into debt. Be frugal.

Thats a mistake. Listen to the farmer, otherwise you may find a dead chicken in your coop.

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