Entrepreneurs launch fast

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One of the biggest traps facing an entrepreneur is the Bedrock Fallacy: The Neanderthals invented the wheel long before Homo Sapiens. But they realised it would be much more useful if it had a tyre. So they delayed launch until someone invented vulcanised rubber.

Homo Sapiens came along and launched a wheel without a tyre, and the rest is history.

The Bedrock Fallacy is that you should delay launching until your product is perfect. That thinking will kill you.

If you want to win, you need to move fast. If you want to move fast, you need to ship product.

Define the minimum viable product, get it out the door. Get feedback from the market. Update the product, ship it again. Rinse repeat.

Keep moving.

Internal product reviews are a form of masturbation. Momentarily satisfactory, but an evolutionary dead-end.

If the Neanderthals had launched with the wheel ex tyre they may have beaten Homo Sapiens. They delayed, and now they’re extinct.

Don’t be a Neanderthal. Launch fast.

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