Entrepreneurs know when to stick it out, and when to quit

It’s easy persevering when everything is going well. It’s when the shit hits the fan that your resolve is tested.

That’s where your “Why” becomes important.

You have to know your “Why”, and it has to be worth “The Struggle”.

Money is a good Why as long as money is the most important thing to you. Family is a good Why. Great product is a good Why. Saving the world is a good Why.

It doesn’t matter what your Why is. It only matters that you know your Why.

When you hit the wall you can ask yourself, is this worth it? If the answer is anything other than YES, quit.

Move on to your next venture. Try something new.

Some people will say you’re a quitter. So what? Who cares what other people think. The only thing you should care about is whether you’re spending your limited time on Earth doing something worth doing.

If you’re persevering for anyone other than yourself, you’re wasting your life.

Find a Why that’s worth fighting for. Otherwise, quit.

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