Entrepreneurs keep moving

entrepreneur moving

Startups are like sharks. If a shark stops moving, it can’t breathe. If it can’t breathe, it dies.

The same for startups.

If you stop moving, you die.

Starting a business is a frantic scramble to make money and pay the bills. Try this, try that, meet him, meet her, seemingly endless rabbit holes.

It can be disheartening. Sometimes you think to yourself, “Damn it, I’m not chasing any more dead-ends”.

You’ll just wait for opportunity to come to you.

Thats like being a rabbit standing in the middle of a desert waiting for a carrot to walk up to it.

The only thing likely to walk up to that rabbit has teeth and rhymes with iron and Zion.

Entrepreneurs keep moving.

“When you find yourself going through Hell, keep moving.”

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