Entrepreneurs have small problems

entrepreneur problem

Some people think they have big problems. Especially “important” people. People with “big” lives have “big” problems.

Blah blah blah.

Don’t know which passport to buy? Too many relatives and friends leaching you? Can’t find enough champagne for your birthday party? Dealing with a media smear campaign? Your shareholders pushing you out? Your company bankrupt?


No matter how big your life is, your problems are tiny compared to the daily struggle of most people on Earth. Compared to struggling for food ever day, there is no such thing as a big problem.

Even dying is not a big problem. If you die, you’re dead, not your problem anymore.

Don’t be the guy constantly moaning, “Oh woe is me”, listing all the hassles of being an entrepreneur, or making money, or being rich. Keep perspective. Realise that your problem is small.

Small problem? No sweat.

There’s no such thing as a big problem.

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