Entrepreneurs hate losing

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There are three kinds of entrepreneurs:

  1. Lifestyle entrepreneurs

These are people who really don’t care who wins or loses. In fact, they hate the very thought of competition.

The reason they start a business is to substitute a salary, not to change the world or get rich.

If you don’t have a fire in your belly to win, then you can’t change the game.

  1. Mainstream entrepreneurs

These are people that have been talented from birth. Be it athletics, rugby, soccer, chess or academics, these are the people that always come first, always are team captain, always become prefect, always win.

These people don’t know how to deal with the fear of failure because they’ve never failed.

They’re so used to winning that they never take risks just in case they break their winning streak. These are the people most likely to cheat rather than face losing.

If you don’t know how to deal with the fear of failure you can’t take big risks. If you can’t take big risks, you can’t change the game.

  1. Game-changer entrepreneurs

These are people that are inherently competitive, but that were never gifted in a discipline sufficiently to dominate that category. They’re never last in the race, but they’re never on the podium.

These are people who know the taste of mediocrity and hate it. They know how it feels to lose even though every sinew of their body wants to win.

These are the people that change the game.

Starting a business is not about winning. Its about not losing. Its about first making sure you can’t fail, and then starting to chase success.

The best entrepreneurs would rather not compete than stand a chance of losing.

If you hate losing, then you strive to find a game that no one else is playing. Why fight it out in the pack? Rather invent a new category and dominate it from the start.

Game-changer entrepreneurs create their own game and rules so they’re the only one playing.

If losing eats you to the core of your being, causing you to shout, rant, rage and cry, then you are someone that can change the game.

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