Entrepreneurs give it their best shot, no excuses

Napoli's Belgian forward Dries Mertens reacts after an injury during the Italian Serie A football match between SSC Napoli and Fiorentina ACF in San Paolo Stadium on March 23, 2014. AFP PHOTO / CARLO HERMANN (Photo credit should read CARLO HERMANN/AFP/Getty Images)

Some people are so afraid of losing they don’t get into the race.

Its not because they’re too competitive, its because their ego is in the way.

Maybe you’re one of them.

You’ve been told their whole life you’re a winner. You’ve always beaten your friends and your enemies. You’ve always been first in class.

And then you enter the real world. The real world doesn’t teach you lessons before the test. The real world gives you the test and then teaches you a lesson.

Its so unfair! How can you be sure you’ll win if you don’t know the rules, nevermind what to expect?

And if you lose, what then? People will think you’re a loser. All those friends of yours that you’ve silently looked down upon might silently look down on you.

Better not to try. Better to fake an injury and pull out. Better to stand on the sidelines saying “Oh woe is me, if only I wasn’t injured, I’m so much better than these guys.”

That way no one can say you’re a loser. You just had bad luck.

That is not how you become an entrepreneur. Starting a business entails taking risk. It means venturing into the unknown. It means maybe not coming first in class.

If you’re an entrepreneur you park your ego, you step into the ring, and you give it your best, even if that means proving your peers are better than you.

Business is not about what other people think, or more importantly, what you think. Business is about giving it your best shot and having no regrets.

Are you an entrepreneur?

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