Entrepreneurs follow their dreams

entrepreneur dream

There are few lines as cheesy as, “Follow your dreams.”

Being an entrepreneur means being cheesy.

You must follow your dreams.

Maybe you don’t have a dream, that’s cool. Carry on with your life.

But maybe you do. Maybe you woke up years ago with a picture in your head and knowing, “This is what I want to do!”

Build an app, start a business, have kids, whatever. You dreamt it, when you woke up you knew it was right.

And then you didn’t know what the next step was so you put your dream on a shelf and continued your life.

Newsflash: Jesus isn’t coming. No one will save you. No will realise your dream for you.

Only you can realise your dream. If you are lucky enough to have a dream, follow it!

Sometimes your dream is not the end goal. Its just a way-marker. En route you realise your life has another purpose and you change course.

But you can’t find that way-marker unless you take the first step.

The first step is to follow your dream.

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