Entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable all the time

entrepreneur discomfort

When you have your own business its difficult to feel at ease.

You know everything about the company, so you also know how many things can go wrong.

It creates a low-grade stress that persists every day… Do I have enough cash for salaries? Is my most important customer happy? Are my staff working hard enough? Is our pipeline big enough?

It gets to the point where you ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”

The simple answer is, “Yes”.

Its worth it because it forces you to take responsibility for your life. Cashflow is not someone else’s problem. Payroll is not someone else’s problem. Sales is not someone else’s problem.

The alternative is sitting in a cubicle sticking to your job description and thinking someone else has your back.

In the real world no one else has your back. You’re responsible for your own back.

Your discomfort is a result of stress. Your stress is the result of risk. Your risk is the result of taking responsibility for your own financial independence.

If you’re feeling comfortable, there’s something wrong.

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