Entrepreneurs: Easy way vs Hard way

entrepreneur easy way

Saying yes is easy. Saying no is hard.

Keeping slackers onboard is easy. Cutting slackers loose is hard.

Talk is easy. Action is hard.

Finding an idea is easy. Turining ideas into reality is hard.

Being an asshole is easy. Being considerate is hard.

Hiring people is easy. Firing people is hard.

Spending all day at work is easy. Finding time for family is hard.

Cutting corners is easy. Doing things properly is hard.

Doing everything yourself is easy. Delegating is hard.

Positive feedback is easy. Negative feedback is hard.

Panic is easy. Calm is hard.

Revenue is easy. Profit is hard.

Opening doors is easy. Closing deals is hard.

Over-promising is easy. Under-promising is hard.

Spending is easy. Saving is hard.

Chasing all opportunities is easy. Focus is hard.

Moving slow is easy. Moving fast is hard.

Taking credit for wins is easy. Admitting mistakes is hard.

Sitting behind your desk is easy. Visiting your clients is hard.

Pessimism is easy. Optimism is hard.

Hope is easy. Strategy is hard.

Going with the crowd is easy. Going against the crowd is hard.

Going into debt is easy. Living within your means is hard.

Doing the wrong thing is easy. Doing the right thing is hard.

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