Entrepreneurs don’t use fine print to make profits

entrepreneur fineprint

Some people think its ok to screw their customers. They think they’re smart businessmen by telling the customer one thing, and hiding the truth in fine print and three years later pointing at fine print saying “gotcha!”

These people are not entrepreneurs. These people are psychopaths. They lack empathy. They never went to Sunday School. They never heard of “Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you.”

They are not worthy of your time. To paraphrase Louis B. Mayer, “Pay no attention to the crooks, do not even ignore them.”

True entrepreneurs don’t use lawyers to draft incomprehensible T&C’s and customer contracts.

True entrepreneurs tell their customers the truth and deliver what they said they would deliver.

Christo Wiese is a true entrepreneur. He offers value to consumers through Pep Stores and Shoprite. Value-for-money clothes and food for millions of people, creating millions of jobs. What could be more valuable?

The truth is not always pretty, and some people are angry about the realities of the world. But a capitalist economy is the ultimate democracy when it comes to business, and the consumer votes with his wallet. On that measure Christo Wiese is the greatest true entrepreneur living in South Africa today.

Don’t beware the fine print. Beware the people that rely on fine print to make a profit.

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