Entrepreneurs don’t run away

entrepreneur run

Sometimes you hit a wall. The shit hits the fan. You lose your biggest client, or you’re sued, or your best salesman leaves, or you take an unexpected loss.

Die kak spat.

Your instincts kick in. Fight or flight? If you’re sane, your brain says “Run!”

Your wife says “Run!”

Your parents say “Run!”

Run away from the blast zone. Save yourself.

Maybe that’s the smart thing to do, but that’s not what an entrepreneur does. An entrepreneur mans up, and fights.

There are some seriously unpleasant parts of owning your own business. Retrenching good people. Negotiating with creditors. Publicly failing.

You have to suck it up and take the good with the bad.

Running away doesn’t solve you problems. It simply delays the inevitable. And when you’re finally forced to confront reality the explosion is much bigger.

Tackle your fears early. Don’t run away.

Man up.

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