Entrepreneurs don’t make excuses

entrepreneur excuses

“My kids didn’t sleep lastnight.”

“I have a stomach virus.”

“Interest rates went up.”

“The Rand collapsed.”

Blah blah blah.

If you fail to achieve your goals don’t make excuses.

Own your failure.

Miss gym because you slept late? Lost money because you invested in the wrong company? Hired the wrong staff?

Whatever it is, don’t point fingers. Own it.

“It is my fault I failed.” Period. Not “buts”. No excuses. No pointing fingers.

Until you take responsibility, you will be stuck in a blame game and feel sorry for yourself.

Once you’ve taken it on the chin you can decide what to do next. How do you recover? How do you avoid the same setbacks in future?

Only once you’ve owned your failure you can keep moving forward.

No one will save you. Only you can save you. It starts with taking 100% responsibility.

Entrepreneurs don’t make excuses.

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