Entrepreneurs don’t like flattery

entrepreneur flattery

Some people surround themselves with ass-kissers. Professional blowers of smoke.

It feels good to have people tell you how good you are, how smart you are, how powerful you are. Every day.

An entrepreneur doesn’t need to be told. She knows how good she is (and how good she is not).

She knows herself. She doesn’t need endless confidence and compliments

Public praise should be mildly embarrassing, especially when bestowed by underlings.

“Stop scoring brownie points and get back to work!”

Flattery blinds you to your faults. It instills a false of confidence. It smothers humility. It feeds the ego.

Flattery makes you weak and dulls your instincts.

Entrepreneurs are paranoid, humble, on the alert all the time.

Don’t surround yourself with ass-kissers. Find people that get on with the job.

Job well done? A nod is enough.

Keep moving.

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