Entrepreneurs don’t lie

entrepreneur lie

Its easy to lie, especially when you have the gift of the gab (like most entrepreneurs do). Here are some tricks to stopping yourself from lying:

  1. No secrets

Be known as the guy who never keeps a secret. When a friend or a stranger tells you a secret, immediately tell everyone you know. Make people think twice before they tell you a secret.

Secrets are bad. When people tell you a secret they make you an accomplice to a lie. Eventually a situation will arise when you’re asked a straight question, and if you are to keep the secret, you must lie.

Rather stay clear of secrets. Who cares if your friends don’t want to tell you secrets. Its better to never have to lie.

  1. One Reason Rule

Watch yourself for self-rationalisation. If you need more than one reason, you’re rationalizing. If you’re rationalizing, you’re lying.

  1. No passwords

Don’t use a password for your phone or laptop. Leave you stuff lying around so people can access it.

When you have no locked devices you quickly ensure that you have no secrets to hide from your spouse or kids

  1. Accept that the Internet is here

Speak and behave as though everyone will eventually know the truth.

The Internet is here. There are no more secrets. If you lie you will eventually be caught out.

Entrepreneurs don’t lie.

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