Entrepreneurs don’t delegate the details

entrepreneur detail

Its easy to delegate the small stuff whilst you stick to the big picture, handle relationships, make high-level decisions.

It makes sense that your time is not spent doing mundane things. Your time is expensive. You’re important. You must focus on shaking the tree whilst others rake in the leaves.

Famous last words for an entrepreneur: “I’m not a detail guy”.

Detail is where the magic happens.

No one can do the detail better than you. You have to read the client’s strategy documents and speeches to identify his problems. You have to figure out exactly how your product solves his problems. You have to write the letters, torturing out the words to ensure your message gets across and you make it easy for him to take a meeting.

Once you get the meeting, detail is the difference between being able to answer the crucial question and not. Detail is the difference between having a deal ready to sign or having to arrange a follow up meeting and never signing.

Detail is the difference between you getting the deal, or not getting the deal.

Detail is not fun and its not sexy. Detail is hard work.

Thats why regular people say “I’m not a detail guy”. Because regular people don’t like hard work.

But hustlers aren’t regular people. Hustlers do the hard work. They look forward to the hard work because they know no one else wants to do it, and therein lies the opportunity.

Its not just the devil thats in the detail. Its also the opportunity.

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