Entrepreneurs don’t argue with the customer

entrepreneur argue

It doesn’t matter whether you’re pitching to an investor, or selling to a customer. Never argue.

If he says “I don’t like it”, don’t launch into a repudiation of his logic. He’s just given you honest feedback. By arguing you (a) irritate him, and (b) lose an opportunity to improve your pitch.

Instead of trying to convince the world of your product/idea/business awesomeness, try listening.

The investor/customer is always right. Maybe your product is crappy. Don’t be defensive, take note of the flaws and fix it.

Maybe your product truly is awesome, but if the other guy ain’t buying, then there is something wrong with your pitch.

Listen to him and you can improve your pitch. Who knows, maybe he’ll be so impressed by your lack of defensiveness that he’ll write a cheque.

Don’t argue. Don’t be defensive. Listen.

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