Entrepreneurs do their own dirty work

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Its easy to delegate the admin. Booking flights. Managing diaries. Submitting claims. Drafting policy docs.

Its even easier to delegate the unpleasant stuff, like firing people.

But the easy path is not the right path.

Do the admin. It keeps you in touch with reality. It keeps costs down. It keeps you humble.

Most importantly, do your own dirty work. If you hire the person, you fire the person. If you lent the money, you collect it. If you lose money for shareholders, you break the bad news.

Doing the dirty work makes you think twice before you take risks. Its easy hiring people, lending money, and making investments. It boosts your ego, makes you feel like da man.

Not so easy unwinding these decisions. You need to feel the pain of when things go wrong.

It will make you think twice before plunging in next time.

Don’t delegate the dirty work. If you hired him, you fire him.

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