Entrepreneurs control their Destiny

entrepreneur control

Its easy to go through life believing you have no control over events. Keep your head down, take no risks, stay alive, accept things the way they are.

Its called “blowing with the wind.” Some people have perfected the art.

These are the people who sit in meetings and are always looking to the person with power. “What does he want?” He looks at the group consensus and makes sure he’s with it.

Regardless of the promises or decisions made before the meeting, he goes with the crowd.

These people are afraid. They’re afraid of taking responsibility for their decisions, their careers, their lives. They don’t want to have control. They want to follow.

An entrepreneur is not like this. She acknowledges that the world is enormous and complicated, but she refuses to accept that she can’t nudge it in the direction she wants.

She never avoids the truth. She never follows the crowd. She never accepts things for the way they are.

She grabs the bull by the horns and lives her life the way she wants to, and accepts the consequences.

She exerts her will on reality and expects reality to change.

Most importantly, an entrepreneur takes responsibility for her business, her happiness, her life. She refuses to accept that everything is Fate. She might have to accept her Destiny, but she’ll have a say in what her Destiny is.

Life doesn’t happen to her. She happens to life.

Entrepreneurs control their own Destiny.

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