Entrepreneurs control the narrative

entrepreneur narrative

If you become a successful entrepreneur you’ll make enemies.

Your enemies will try take you down by spreading untrue stories. At that point its too late for you to control your image.

Your reputation is important. Your reputation is a function of your narrative. Your story.

You need to take responsibility for telling your story.

If you don’t manage your narrative, someone else will. Nature abhors a vacuum.

You need to have filled the vacuum long in advance of you hitting the limelight.

You need to share your version first. Thats why US politicians always publish an autobiography before running for president.

There are four ways to control your narrative:

  1. Write a book. If its in a book, its legit.
  1. Do online video interviews. Nothing beats seeing video interviews, and online media can be shared and conveniently viewed.
  1. Use proxies. Find prominent allies to tell your story on your behalf.
  1. Deliver the goods. At the end of the day, the only way to manage your reputation is to deliver the goods. Make a success of your business and career, and people will shrug off the rumours.

Take care of your reputation, but your focus should be on building your business.

Make money and you’ll be known as a successful entrepreneur, regardless of your enemy’s stories.

Don’t make money and you’ll be known as a failure, regardless of your efforts to manage your reputation.

Whatever you do, always tell the truth. That way you won’t have to remember what you said.

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