Entrepreneurs chop their own wood

Cut log fire wood and lumberjack axe.

“Chop your own wood. It will warm you twice.” Ben Franklin

As you progress in business, you start adopting the trappings of business success. A PA. An HR manager. A travel assistant. A driver.

Resist the urge. Not only does the accumulation of assistants result in overheads, bloated staff numbers and a slower-moving company, but it makes you fragile.

You slowly lose control of your diary, your communications and your flight schedule. Also, more dangerously, you lose the ability to do stuff yourself.

Need a claims policy? Do it yourself.

Scheduling a meeting? Do it yourself.

Booking a flight? Do it yourself.

Control your own life, your own policies, your own culture. Don’t delegate. Don’t be lazy.

Do it yourself. You’ll be rewarded twice.

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