Entrepreneurs choose the incoming tide

entrepreneur tide

Sometimes it’s easier if you’re not a genius. You don’t get technical, you don’t overthink. You don’t fool yourself that you can predict the future.

Being an entrepreneur is not about seeing the future. Its about seeing the tides.

Not even the smartest entrepreneur in the world can make money on an outgoing tide, like textiles in the 80’s, or print media since 2010.

Even the dumbest entrepreneur can make money on an incoming tide, like SA’s booming property market between 2003 and 2008.

Your odds of success are determined to the tide you’re riding more than any other factor. Are you riding an incoming tide, or an outgoing tide?

Before you start a business, pay attention to the tides. If you choosing the wrong direction, it doesn’t matter how hard you paddle, you’ll drown.

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