Entrepreneurs can tell their kids how they made their money

Road sign to right and wrong

Its hard making money without being dodgy. Its hard to always tell your customers the truth.

How many companies today rely on the fine print to generate profits? Financial advisors, banks, insurance companies, too many…

How many companies today sell stuff that kills their customers? Cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, too many.

The world of business is full of tests. The temptation of money is so great, the prospect of failure so scary, that an entrepreneur will always fight the temptation to make an extra buck in ways that he won’t be proud of.

Most people agree breaking the law is not a good idea, but there are plenty money-making opportunities that sit in the grey area.

Perfectly legal but not something you brag about at the dinner table.

My first company was in the premium rated SMS business. Plenty temptations there. Silent subscriptions, misleading pricing, adult content. Plenty money to made, and I was tempted.

My business was failing and I needed cash.

Luckily my wife stopped me from crossing the line. Yet another reason to marry young.

The easiest litmus test is to ask yourself: “Can I tell my kids what I do for a living?”

If the answer is no, don’t do it, no matter how much money there is to be made.

Your kids will find out what do you did for a living. The Internet is here.

Make sure you can tell your kids how you made your money.

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