Entrepreneurs avoid leeches

Calvin & Hobbes

A leech is someone who sucks you dry. He wants your money, your energy, or your fame.

When it comes to protecting yourself you have two options:

  1. Build walls around yourself to keep everyone out.
  2. Identify the leeches and avoid them only.

The former is effective as long as you can keep your guard up. The moment you drop you guard, you’re screwed.

All those leeches that you’ve kept at arms length will flood through your defenses and you’ll be suckered.

Anyway, if you keep everyone out you also miss out on meeting people that will make you happy and add to your life.

The best way to avoid leeches is to find out who they are, and then avoid them.

The easiest way is to find out who the leeches are is to make yourself vulnerable to being taken advantage of, early.

The leech can’t resist. He’ll take advantage of you. Boom! Add him to the leech-list.

Once you’ve seen him for who he really is, move on.

Don’t spend any more energy there, focus on people that make you a better person.

Make yourself vulnerable.

Make it easy for people to take advantage early.

That way you can filter the leeches whilst keeping yourself open yourself to finding great people.

Life is too short to hang with leeches.

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