Entrepreneurs are superstitious

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The more risks you take in life, the more superstitious you become.

If you spend your life in a highly secure job and safe society, then of course you don’t place any reliance on God or luck. You don’t need to. You know what will happen tomorrow, and even if tomorrow is not pleasant you know there is someone waiting to bail you out.

Not so the life of an entrepreneur.

Startup life is full of uncertainty and unpleasant surprises. So much is outside of your control that you have no choice but to hedge your bets.

Avoid walking under ladders. Throw salt over your shoulder. Touch wood. Why take a chance?

In the fight for success luck plays a big part.

Blaise Pascal was a famous mathematician who pioneered probability theory. One of his legacies is Pascal’s Wager, which posits that it makes sense to believe in God simply because you have something to gain if he does exist, and nothing to gain if he doesn’t.

Every true entrepreneur has said a prayer. A prayer for a client to pay a bill, for a project to go live, for a partner to join, for an investor to invest.

Why take a chance? Leave no stone unturned.

Entrepreneurs are superstitious.

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