Entrepreneurs are self aware

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You must be yourself. You can only be yourself if you know yourself.

You can only know yourself if you keep pushing your limits, keep taking risks, keep falling and getting up again.

Most people know how to handle good times. The trick is knowing how to handle bad times.

More important than how you handle adversity, how do your partners handle adversity?

What will your wife do if you lose your money and have to start again?

What will your friends do when you have an embarrassing setback?

What will your investors do when you lose their money?

The better you know who you are, the easier it is to attract the right kind of people. Spouses, friends, partners, investors… you need the right people for dealing with bad times.

You need to find your own tribe.

You need people that will fearlessly hold a mirror to you so you can’t avoid the truth.

Know yourself to be yourself. Be yourself to find your path.

Entrepreneurs are self-aware.

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