Entrepreneurs are not one-hit wonders

entrepreneur one hit

No one ever made it by themselves. Parents, friends, teachers, everyone you meet along the way plays a part in your success.

The problem is that you can develop Imposter Syndrome. Outwardly you’re a clear success, but inwardly you’re not sure.

Did you get lucky? Could you do it again? And so you unconsciously try even harder to show what a great success you are. Fancy parties. Fancy cars. Fancy houses.

Load up on the badges of success, cover up your doubts.

The truth is there is only one person whose opinion matters: You.

No one ever made a legitimate buck through sheer luck. It requires brains and hard work. If your ship came in, don’t discount the luck factor, but don’t discount the fact that you’re a winner. You did it yourself. You’re no imposter.

If you can’t persuade yourself of your merit, there’s only one way other way to cure Imposter Syndrome.

Take more risks.

Do it again. Start another business. Make it big, again.

Maybe your doubts were right. Maybe you were a one-hit wonder. You can only find out one way whether you’re the real deal.

Do it again.

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