Entrepreneurs are not fooled by Facebook

entrepreneur happy family

Facebook is a highlights channel. Most people are posting information on their best holidays, happiest moments, and most beautiful children.

They choose to leave out the detail of the majority of their life, which is just like yours.


Sometimes not just arb. Sometimes life is downright horrible.

Your business might be bad, your family might be bad, your health might me bad, your marriage might be bad, your singlehood might be bad, your finances might be bad, your life might be bad.

Most people ain’t posting photos of their child vomiting on the back seat of the car 2hrs into a 6hr road trip. They rather keep those precious moments to themselves.

By all means, watch Facebook. It’s an awesome platform for staying in touch with people (and collecting debts).

But don’t let the “happy” lives of others depress you. Don’t let yourself be fooled that your life has a fraction of the joy and success of 99% of the world’s population.

Everyone has their shit, they just don’t broadcast about it.

Ignore your neighbor, keep your eye on the ball.

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