Entrepreneurs are not flashy

Simple life quadrants.001

Its easy to live a simple life when you’re poor. Not so easy when you’re making money.

Got an increase? Buy a car! Cashed a bonus? Buy a house! Received a promotion? Buy new shoes! Sold your business? Buy a yacht!

How else are you to advertise that you’re a success? How else will your family and friends know you’re “the man”? How else will you attain the ranks of those that have “made it”?

Newsflash: The people that matter don’t care what car you drive. The people who care what car you drive, don’t matter.

Don’t live a flashy life. It attracts the wrong kinds of people, and more importantly, it increases your overheads.

Overheads kill. If you want to be an entrepreneur you need to be able to move fast. You need to be able to take risk.

Your speed and ability to take risk are retarded by the overheads that come with a flashy lifestyle.

Don’t life a flashy life. Live a simple life.

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