Entrepreneurs are like mountainbikers

Entrepreneur bike

You have two choices when you go down a hill at top speed.

  1. Be fearless and have a 50% chance of falling off your bike.
  2. Be fearful and have 100% chance of falling off your bike.

The same applies to entrepreneurs. In business, if you become overly cautious or afraid, your odds of failure increase exponentially.

The fear of failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As with mountain-biking, in business you have to keep you eyes on the track ahead, ignore all potential calamities along the way, and go full speed.

Otherwise you’ll fail.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a predicament. Trapped on a path heading for a giant rock and certain death.

Your brain is screaming to you to pull the brakes, bail-out, stop! But your brain is wrong.

When you’re in the fire there’s only one way out. Flat-out

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