Entrepreneurs are doers, not talkers

entrepreneur doers

Some people always talk about how they want to start a business.

They go on about how they hate their jobs, that they have great ideas, that they’re going to take the plunge.

And nothing happens. They keep talking but never do.

Words are wind.

If you can’t get around to stopping talking about starting a business, and actually starting a business, then you definitely can’t be an entrepreneur.

Having your own business is all about action. Its about doing. Its about results. Its about output.

The tools of trade in many big corporations are being able to talk a good game and navigate the internal politics.

These skills are useless in your own business.

The only relevant skills in your own business is the ability to make stuff, and then sell that stuff for a profit.

Talkers are quickly exposed in startup-land. The tide goes out faster than you can say “Howdy”.

If you want to start a business, stop talking about it and just do it.

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