Entrepreneurs are cheesy

entrepreneur cheese

The world is full of people that will try make you feel like a fool for being yourself.

They want you to conform. They want you to be like all the other kids in school. They want you to be cool.

Ignore them. The only way to be an entrepreneur is to follow your own path. Sometimes this path is considered “cool”. But most times the path of an entrepreneur is cheesy.

Making yourself vulnerable, being sincere, showing emotion, dreaming big. These are all part of being an entrepreneur, and these are all things that attract criticism or bullying.

Ignore the noise. Don’t lose your cheesiness. It gives you an edge.

One day those same critics will be following you.

Its not that people don’t like you, its just that they don’t know what they like.

Every innovation is by definition original. Its new. Its different. Being different is not cool.

Being successful is. The path to success starts with being cheesy.

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