Entrepreneur books for 2016

entrepreneur books

The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

This is the first book to read before you start a business. Start-up life ain’t all rosy. There is a price to pay. Blood, sweat and tears with no guarantee of reward. Being an entrepreneur is definitely worth it, but be sure to read Ben’s book before you embark on the journey.

Uncertainty, by Jonathan Fields

It turns out that “tolerance for uncertainty” is a genetic condition. Most people have a low tolerance, whilst a few have a high tolerance. A high tolerance is a pre-requisite for being an entrepreneur.

Anti-fragile, by Nassim Taleb

Nassim’s book is an ideal philosophy guide to being an entrepreneur. Everything that happens to you is an opportunity. The key is to position yourself to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself, regardless of whether it is a situation of adversity.

Zero to One, by Peter Thiel

Peter has simplified some of the basic theories of business. These are not lessons you’ll learn at university (unless you attend his class at Stanford). Be sure to read it, especially the section on what defines a monopoly business.

Never start a business unless it can be a monopoly.

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