Don’t think too much


Sometimes your brain overthinks the task.

It causes you to overestimate the time and effort required, and sometimes makes you overly negative as to the outcome.

For example: Sometimes you need to review your management accounts. This is not high on most people’s lists of “All time most awesome jobs.” Not only do you think it will be hard and take ages, maybe you don’t want to know your dire financial situation.

Ignorance truly is bliss.

And so you procrastinate, always doing some other pressing admin rather than open your management accounts.

When you finally sit down to it, it doesn’t take as long, the work isn’t that hard, and you get a better result than hoped for.

What has happened here? You’ve delayed an important job for no reason other than over-estimation of the difficulty.

Most of the time, the job looks harder than it is. And the result is better than expected.

On the few occasions that the result meets your worst fears, that’s good. Maybe it really was painful work. Maybe the result is bad news.

Painful work forces you to learn new skills and makes you a better entrepreneur.

Bad news is best received early. In business, ignoring uncomfortable truths always leads to catastrophe.

Especially cashflow truths. There is no delaying or escaping the truth of running out of cash.

The truth will set you free.

Most of the time, the job looks harder than it is.

Stop stressing and delaying.

Sit down, do it.

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