Don’t waste your life in a bad partnership


When you commit to someone in business, it’s like getting married. You must push through the bad times, stay in the kitchen no matter how hot it gets.

But sometimes, as in marriage, you’ve simply chosen the wrong business partner.

In that case, don’t persevere. Call it quits before you invest too much time, energy and money building a business that you’ll have to leave one day anyway.

Fail fast. A business partnership can last a lifetime, be sure not to be stuck in a relationship that shouldn’t last a week.

How do you find out whether someone can be your partner? Turn up the temperature. People always reveal themselves under pressure, and you’ll quickly learn who you’re in bed with.

If it’s not someone you can envisage being in bed with for forty years, part ways.

Life’s too short to spend time with people you don’t like.

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