Don’t let the crabs drag you back into the bucket


“A friend took my car without my knowledge. Then he crashed my car. He has no license and he was under the influence of alcohol. Luckily no other vehicles were involved and nobody was hurt. So with everything going on in his life I have decided to take the fall for it so that I can claim from insurance. Alternative is that I open a case of stolen vehicle but that would be a dick move. Need advice.” Anonymous

Never lie. Even to an insurance company. If you don’t want to get your friend in trouble, then accept that you can’t claim insurance.

Your instinct of loyalty to your friends will stand you in good stead in life, but there are times where you must put yourself ahead of your friends.

You must make a choice: Will you get ahead in life? Or will you let the other crabs drag you back into the bucket?

If you can’t afford to not claim insurance, and your friend can’t cover the costs of fixing your car, you have no choice but turn your mate in.

The best way to avoid these types of choices is to not spend time with people that force you to lie.

Don’t spend time with people that tempt you to do bad things.

Don’t spend time with people that drag you down.

Hang with people that make you a better person.

Stay away from the crabs in the bucket.

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