Don’t hide your mistakes

In the Japanese tradition of ceramics, broken pottery is mended using lacquer mixed with powdered gold.

The idea is to treat breakage and repair as part of the history of the object, turning the cracks into beautiful golden threads rather than something to disguise.

For centuries, kintsugi (golden joinery) was such a celebrated art form that some collectors deliberately broke their pots so they could be put back together with precious metal seams.

This is how you should deal with your company setbacks.

Whether it’s losing a customer, fighting with a partner, losing money for shareholders, or any other big mistake, don’t hide the “crack”.

Shine a light on the issue. Get your team be involved in the fix.

Highlight that moment in your history rather than be ashamed.

Paint your cracks in gold.

When something breaks, turn the fix into a golden thread.

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