Don’t follow your passion

Follow Your Passion sign with a beach on background

When starting a business, don’t follow your passion.

Take coffee for example. Lots of people have a passion for coffee. Does that mean you should start a roastery? Or open a coffee shop?

No. That way lies poverty.

An entrepreneur doesn’t follow her passion. She finds a problem that people are willing to pay her to solve. Then she solves it.

With very few exceptions, the process of solving the problem will not instill deep joy and happiness. It will not be a passionate affair. That’s why no one has solved the problem.

Do you see? Money-making opportunities mostly lie in the direction opposite to your passion. Profit is not found where the crowd is. Profit is where the crowd isn’t.

By all means, chase your passion. But not for profit. Not only do you risk spoiling your love affair, but you will probably fail.

If you want to make money (and use that money to chase your passion), chase something that no one else wants to chase.

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