Don’t fall for the delusion of reprieve

In psychology, there is the condition of The Delusion of Reprieve.

Example: The man on deathrow that  believes he will be pardoned up until the very last minute before he is hanged.

Another example: The entrepreneur that believes his business will succeed up until the very last minute before it fails.

We all look for signs confirming things will be ok.

That’s why every newspaper has a fortune-telling section based on your star sign.

The Delusion of Reprieve is another term for “hope”.

In itself, the Delusion of Reprieve is not a bad thing.

Except as it pertains to life or death matters.

In startup life, cashflow is a life or death matter.

“Hope” will not magically create cashflow.

By all means, have hope. Entertain the Delusion of Reprieve.

Except when it comes to cash.

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