Don’t be a loser

Success is not about winning. It’s about not losing.

In other words, its not about increasing your odds of winning. It’s about reducing your odds of losing.

There is one simple way to reduce the probability of failure.

Go the extra mile.

In everything you do, do a little more than expected.

Need to prepare a proposal? Format it, add page numbers, spellcheck, PDF.

Need to visit a customer? Arrive early. Finish early. Dress neatly. Smile.

Need to fix a mistake? Be polite. Don’t delay. Apologise. Follow up.

GO THE EXTRA MILE. Over deliver. Blow away everyone in every little thing you do.

If you do that, from the littlest things to the biggest things, you will have the lowest odds of failure.

In other words, you will not lose.

As an entrepreneur, not losing is winning.

Go the extra mile. It’s less crowded.

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