Do you know where your money comes from?

When you work for a big company, you don’t know where your money comes from.

Sure, you get a salary from your employer every month, but where does your employer get his money? How exactly does your employer generate the cash to pay salaries?

No one knows exactly what impacts cashflow, so everyone has to work like crazy on everything.

The only exception to the rule is staff paid on commission. i.e.: Salespeople.

Salespeople know where their money comes from: Selling. No sales, no commission.

Thats why salespeople infuriate the other staff in big companies. They seem to be lazing around, chilling, going for lunches. They don’t feel the need to look like they’re working hard. Why? Because they know what generates cashflow.

They don’t have the need to look busy.

A startup entrepreneur is like a salesman. You know exactly where your cash comes from.

That’s why entrepreneurs don’t care whether people think they’re working hard.

You know that the only thing that matters is generating cash flow.

The rest is just people trying to look busy.

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