Deal-makers, dealbreakers, and the crowd

There are three kinds of people. Dealmakers, dealbreakers and the crowd.

The crowd is arb. The crowd follows. It won’t lead, it won’t block.

Dealmakers make things happen. A combination of intelligence, creativity and perseverance allows these people to find a path when the crowd says it’s impossible. Once they’ve found the path the crowd is happy to follow.

Dealbreakers are the people that makes things stop. They fear change. Jealousy makes them hate people that shine. They’ll cut off their own nose to spite their face. These people are the ones who work behind the scenes to block progress and change. They are sly and cunning and use words like, “I’m 100% onboard, but…”

All organisations, public, private and NGO’s, have a spread of these people, with varying proportions. If you’re in a position of power, try find the deal-breakers and get rid of them quickly. Dealbreakers are the sand in the ball bearings of the engine that ultimately grind your venture to a halt.

If you’re not moving you will fail.

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