Business is not a race

Its tempting to compare everything to a race: Life. Kids. Business.

The very meaning of “race” is to compare: Are you faster than the other guy?

But some things are not comparable. They’re not relative.

Some things are absolute. For example, your children. It doesn’t matter how they stack up to other kids, it only matters that they’re happy.

Same for your life. Measuring your success by comparing yourself to others is the path to unhappiness. Life is not a race against other people.

Same for your business. Sure, you’ll have competitors. And you will occasionally benchmark against them. But your goal is not to race them.

Your goal is to keep moving forward, keep improving, keep growing. One day you’ll look up and find yourself at the head of the pack, or the last in line. Doesn’t matter.

It only matters that you build a profitable business.

Its hard enough succeeding in isolation. Don’t complicate matters by comparing yourself to others.

The others don’t matter. Life is long.

Take it one day at a time.

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