Business is like marriage

The most important think when choosing a life partner is shared values. This is not a race thing, this is a culture thing.

And then, once married, the secret is to accept that “tolerance” and “compromise” are now a way of life, for both of you. If you refuse to accept that, then accept that you will have an unhappy marriage.

And finally, know that you will come to rocky places in your relationship. And you must overcome those obstacles, or be doomed to always be looking for the “perfect” partner, when in fact there is no perfect partner. In fact, the perfect partner is someone with whom you’ve overcome many obstacles, and can share those memories after 50 years of togetherness.

Of course, sometimes marriages don’t work. When you reach that conclusion, don’t waste time. Don’t delay for the sake of the children or the sake of your bank account. Part ways before things get nasty and the kids and house are damaged.

There is an African proverb: “When two elephants fight, the grass is trampled.” A messy divorce only damages the kids, so avoid it at all costs.

When you decide to part ways, do it quickly and do it as nicely as possible. Unless you don’t love your kids.

Shareholders are married couples. The business is the house. The staff are the kids. There is no difference between the institutions of business and marriage.

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